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The British Artificial Nutrition Survey e-BANS application is registered as an Approved Application by the National Information Governance Board for Health and Social Care (NIGB). NIGB (England & Wales) and the Privacy Advisory Committee for both N.I & Scotland support e-bans to operate WITHOUT THE NEED FOR REPORTERS TO OBTAIN INFORMED PATIENT CONSENT. To provide proof of this decision you may download a confirmatory letter from here:

NIGB (England & Wales)

Privacy Advisory Committees (N.Ireland)

AWAITING LETTER - Privacy Advisory Committees (Scotland)

You may wish to inform your patients that you are providing anonymous data about patients on Home Artificial Nutrition Support (HANS) to To facilitate this, information forms have been prepared to explain how BANS works. These forms are written in 'Word' format so that you can change them if required to meet local needs.

Forms - MS Office Word Documents
Children & Young Adults
Adults (Aged 16+)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
I have forgotten my password - how can I reset it?
On the welcome login screen there is a Forgotten your password? link. Click this and on the next screen when prompted, enter you user name. You will be sent an email containing your password.
How do I transfer a patient to a different user/reporter?
Search for the patient and amend the open episode. In the episode amend screen you can set the outcome to be care transferred. In the if care transferred drop down select the reporter you wish to transfer the patient to.

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